Jack D. Davis, Metalsmith, retired

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Canoe Trailers
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Sunflower garden gate

Canoe Stern Motor Mount

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Tip-up Canoe Trailer

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71 Wards/Gilson Re-build

Bigfoot Mystery

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Company Profile:

HMDS opened in Jan. 1986 to serve contractors, building owners and building managers in the repair, replacement and modification of hollow metal doors and frames and related hardware. We have, since, expanded our capabilities to include the fabrication of special doors, custom screen doors and "Door Walker" door carts. 

Note: Door Walker door carts discontinued 1/1/2011

I began in 1967, as a fabricator and estimator at John Warren Hardware in Eugene, OR. Later, 1969 as fabricator and estimator for Builders Hardware & Supply, Eugene. 1970 to 1986 as VP, General Manager of Olsen Industries, Inc., Eugene, OR. Jan. 1986 to present, proprietor, Hollow Metal Door Service (HMDS). Semi-retired Sept. 05. Dropped contractor license for field work. Now doing shop fabrication and repair only. Canoe Trailers make up the bulk of my current, part time business with gates and other misc. metal fabrication following behind.  


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PO Box 549, Elmira, OR 97437-0549
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Below for blacksmith's: propane forge burners, easy DIY project

 Download  Burner slide show including drawing. This burner was made for my own use. If you choose to copy this design, you do so at your own risk.

 Download Drawing only.

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