23' 1985 Itasca Sunflyer Remodel Progress

Phase I: Move refrigerator and install Wave 3 Cat. Heater (COMPLETED)

Before Photo's (as Winnebago built it)

Phase II Photo's: ("kitchen" cabinet area, in progress)

Phase III Photo's (Closet & Table area, Floor.)

Phase IV Photo's (Exterior work)


Before remodel



Disassembling the closet in readiness for the fridge. Door and drawers removed. Wiring cover removed. Wires should not pose a problem. I need almost 25" depth so I'm a bit short. Good thing I have a board stretcher. There is no glue....just staples, so disassembly is easy and panels can be saved for later use.


Disassembly complete. Ready to start cutting materials for assembly and installation. Left interior panel will be removed and replaced with 1/8" Lauan panel so that the old panel can be re-used.


New Oak top on lower cabinet (base) will be stained to match cabinet. Poplar frame will be painted almond to match fridge and fridge will slide inside framework (after cutting out excess cabinet face frame). This is the "stretched" part to give needed depth.


There will be a small storage space above the fridge.


Wave 3 catalytic mounted, but not gassed. I mounted it horizontal to put the brass LP fittings on the bottom. To hold the heater on the slotted mounting screws, I fabricated an aluminum angle bracket screwed to the wall and through the leg stand nuts. Tightening these holds the heater firmly on the mounting screws. I glued and screwed blocks behind the panel for the mounting screws. It is solid.



New closet wall fabricated and installed. Interior closet walls re-paneled in Lauan. A coat or two of Varithane Diamond will make the panels shine and easier to keep clean. The original panels saved for reworking cabinet outers when I get to the other side. Face frame pieced together (at clamp). 



Drawers from right side of closet moved to left side. Space under is to remove panel for access to water pump. Wife wanted more space under the drawers to store small things. Drawers and shelf are removable to make it easier to work on plumbing underneath. Closet rod installed and cabinet above fridge completed except for trim around opening. I'll salvage that from the other side. Up next is gas piping and electrical (120 VAC) outlet. 12 VDC is already there....re-using the wires from the old closet lights. 


Gas line runs over the top of the frame and will connect on the distribution manifold where the old furnace was connected. Furnace line is in the photo, but will be removed. Connections cannot be seen from above . This is viewed from the floor.


Closet door is back on.


Floor of fridge opening is in and gas, 12 VDC and 120 VAC is in. Ready to cut opening for lower vent/access door. The CO alarm is covering the old thermostat holes. Above that is time/temperature/humidity. I'll be blowing the LP line out with compressed air before connecting...just in case some dirt has worked it's way into the lines.


Upper side vent hole is laid out and I used a hole saw to radius the corners for strength. Square corners tend to crack. Upper and lower vent holes cut out.


Both vents installed. Just about ready for the fridge to be moved from one side to the other. Tomorrows project. I decided to use a side vent rather than a roof vent due to the wires. Many of them were disappearing into the ceiling and I had no idea where they went from there. Best not to saw the wires in pieces. I'll remove the old existing roof vent and patch the hole.


Fridge installed (before door swing reversed and all electrical connected. Gas will be connected later.


:Lower cabinet showing new Oak top and Wave 3 heater. Completed fridge installation after door swing changed.

Phase I completed

Phase II photo's 

Phase III photo's

Phase IV photo's










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