23' 1985 Itasca Sunflyer Remodel Progress

Phase II: Remodel old fridge cabinet, move stove, new counter top, Wave 6 install.

Before Photo's (as Winnebago built it)

Phase I Photo's (Move fridge to other side)

Phase III Photo's (dinette remodel, new flooring, misc.)

Phase IV Photo's (Exterior work)


This phase will concentrate on this area. Old Fridge cabinet will be cut down. Stove moved to old fridge location. New counter top. Remodeled upper cabinet and new range hood.



These four photos show the gutted old fridge cabinet interior. I'll have a bunch of wires to contend with and the old roof vent to plug. Furnace under the range to be removed and disposed of. It's in operating condition, so maybe I'll list it on Craigslist. A plan is coming together.



Disassembly coming along. Sink, stove and furnace out. Cut hole in side of old fridge cabinet to check alignment for new counter top. Some water damage, but it is minimal. Just stains....nothing to worry about. It is dry now and has been for some time. Top of old fridge cabinet will be drastically cut tomorrow, and old counter top will disappear. Then begins reassembly.



Old fridge cabinet cut away, ready for new face frame, and upper cabinet bottom. Interior framing to hide wires and make exterior storage behind old fridge access door.  Already you can begin to see how this opens up the interior of the coach, making it seem more spacious.


Upper cabinet taking shape.


Range hood installed. Luaun under range hood will be covered with #2 polished stainless steel (behind range). Old range hood to remain as it is the control panel. An extra exhaust fan and light doesn't hurt a thing. 


Storage area behind stove, making use of old fridge access door. Well ventilated, of course.


False back and top hide wires.                                                                                     Wave 6 catalytic heater installed.


New face frame for lower cabinet (range) taking shape.                                                Face frame finished and installed. Gas line for range is ready.


Counter top cut out and trial fitted. Ready to plastic laminate.


I decided to do a trial fit of sink and range. Red oak splash guard at the end of the counter to protect the bed from range spills and boil-overs, etc. 


I'm glad I did a trial fit of the range. Notice the gap at the bottom of the range. I'll need to raise the back of the counter top about 3/8" to square things up to close that gap. Better now than later. Easily done before the counter top is fastened down.


Plastic laminate, almond color, is glued on and trimmed. It must sit in a warm place for 3 days so the heat is on. 


Faucet set installed. I added a strongback along the back of the sink cutout to avoid warp & sag. Metal angle added to edges of range cutouts for screw anchoring. Without this the range screws would be anchored in the particleboard.....not good.


1x2 poplar added along bottom edge of counter top for gluing & fastening oak edge trim.  Oak edging on the counter top installed, Sink installed. Been chasing propane leaks most of the day. While testing the catalytics, and CO monitor/alarm, I found that the propane regulator at the tank is not working properly. Ordered a new one. That should be here this coming week. I'm also turning the Wave 3 to vertical. It was hard to light and keep it lit. I'm hoping that mounting vertical will help that. I also ordered router bits to make the raised panel cabinet doors. Bought a router and router table from Craigslist. It makes sense to buy tools and DIY rather than buying the doors custom made. The costs were about the same. And those tools can be used for other projects.


Original cabinet doors back on, counter top edge molding stained & finished. I removed the old furnace vents, sealed with Eternabond Tape then installed a cover. The Wave 3 lights much easier after I turned it vertical. I also replaced the propane regulator. It was 26 years old and I was not convinced it was working correctly. That did help. The propane gauge is much steadier now and the pressure is compensated for the number of appliances burning. I still have a propane leak. Danged if I can find it. 

Success!!!!! Found the gas leak....and I'm kicking my rear. I've been searching for the leak for hours and even days. Cut tubing ends and re-flared them. Tested and cursed. Today, I find the oven pilot light is on.....but not lit, of course. Tested again. No leaks! Problem solved.


Upper cabinet is trimmed out and interior is coated with Varathane.                              Router shaping coped ends of cabinet door rails. 


Shaping raised panel.                                                                                                    Trial fit of pieces. Stiles yet to be cut to length.


Two doors for upper cabinet glued up and drying. Yes. The bench is a  mess.            Lower cabinet is going to be modified for one drawer. Shelf is in and interior Varathaned.


Drawer is roughed in (minus bottom).  Horizontal face bar, similar to one at shelf, will be added below drawer. Then I can make the cabinet doors.


Panel below range . Replaced decorative screen with raised panel. This panel will be screwed in place. Nothing but wheel well behind and a bunch of wires and plumbing.


Drawer slides are aluminum angles. Horizontal below drawer is installed.                      Upper cabinet doors temporarily hung in place.


Lower cabinet doors glued up.                                                                                     Drawer front stained and drying.


Upper and lower cabinet doors stained and drying.                                                   Panel below range is stained and drying. Screen (top) will go in the opening for ventilation.



Cabinet doors and drawer installed, stained, Varathaned and knobs installed. Panel below range also installed. All that remains here is back-splash behind range and trim at back of counter top. Dinette, bed and floor is next. 


Back splash behind stove installed. Used laminate to match counter-top instead of the stainless that I planned. Wife's request (orders). Moldings installed.

Note: Dinette and flooring photo's moved to Phase III page. Link below.







Before photo's (As Winnebago Built It)

Phase I photo's

Phase III photo's

Phase IV photo's




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