23' 1985 Itasca Sunflyer Before Remodel 

As Winnebago Built It

Progress photos Phase I, Completed (move fridge to other side)

Progress Photos Phase II, In progress (remodel old fridge cabinet, new counter top)

Progress Photo's Phase III, In progress (dinette remodel, new flooring, misc.)

Progress Photo's Phase IV, In progress (Exterior work)

As it is 10/03/10 Parked at Salt Creek Falls, Oregon. Front and back end caps will be painted (to blend with sides (almond)), vinyl trim removed and replaced with black painted trim. Pattern yet to be determined. The almond colored sides are in good condition.


Showing lack of counter space and location of fridge. Fridge Cabinet will come out and new countertop will extend all the way back to where the the fridge is now. Stove will move back to where fridge is now and a new range hood/cabinet over installed. Existing range hood/control panel will stay where it is. Fridge will move to opposite side.


Where the fridge will be (to right of mirror). Olympian Wave 3 just below the fridge. Old roof vent moved and old hole patched & sealed. Old access door will remain and become access to outside storage behind stove/oven. New vented access door cut into side at back of fridge.


Wave 6 will go where magazine rack is now. Old furnace is coming out for added storage. Olympian Wave 6 and Wave 3 catalytic heaters will replace it completely.


Table top to be replaced and seat cushion upholstery redone.


New sun visors will be built over each capt. chair. Old ones falling apart.


Vinyl flooring and carpet coming out to be replaced with undetermined materials. We need something that sweeps clean. Too much rain, sand, fir needles in our camping areas for carpet. We may use vinyl or laminate. Carpet in drivers/passenger areas to remain.


Phase I Photo's (Completed)

Phase II Photo's (In progress)









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