Discus Fish

This piece represents some of my finest workmanship.

This "Discus Fish" Sculpture is lifelike. Approx. 24"x24"x14". The fish is made from 11 gauge (1/8" thick) steel throughout (including fins) Polished smooth and colored in a lifelike pattern. The rock setting is also crafted from 11 gauge steel and completely enclosed (including bottom). All welds are ground smooth or concealed. The leaves are 18 gauge stainless steel on 1/4" steel stems. Textured and heat treated for color. Clear coated, buffed and waxed. Not for outdoor display. 

$2999 plus shipping and $30.00 packaging

Displayed at "Art For All Seasons", Nov 22 thru Dec. 20, 2002

Maude Kerns Art Center, 1910 East 15th Av., Eugene, OR



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